Affordable Divorce Resolutions, Parenting Plans and Child Support Modification Services.

How Family Law Paralegal Services Can Help You

Dawson Paralegal Services is a local business supporting the Seattle-Tacoma area, primarily, with a focus on family law matters:


Dissolution/divorce proceedings

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult and stressful times of your life. You need an experienced advocate who will be looking out for your best interests, particularly when it comes to the preparation of all necessary paperwork related to the divorce proceedings.

Modification of parenting plans

Our staff at Dawson Paralegal Services understands that drawing up parenting plans that are acceptable to all parties is not always easy. Neither is modifying existing parenting plans.

Child support

Child support can be a contentious issue for partners with children, and too often parties do not find the right representation for their needs. At Dawson Paralegal Services, we provide child support modification services and try to simplify what can be an overwhelming or overly stressful experience.

Modification of existing child support orders

As Seattle child support modification paralegals, we understand the forms, documents, and statements that go along with getting a child support order legally modified.

Parenting plans

Parenting plans—or custody and visitation agreements—can be difficult for parents to finalize alone. Parenting plans do not only account for scheduling when the child visits each parent and how decisions regarding the child are made, but parenting plans must also meet a child’s basic medical, dietary, financial, and care needs.
Dawson Paralegal Services is experienced in drafting of the necessary forms required to obtain a child support order, modify a child support order, initiate a dissolution proceeding, assist you in the creation of parenting plan or modification of an existing parenting plan.

Dawson Paralegal Services is familiar and extremely knowledgeable with the local family law rules, regulations and form requirements. While, no paralegal, can give legal advice, Dawson Paralegal Services maintains relationships with Washington State licensed attorneys to provide legal advice at an affordable price.  Call Dawson Paralegal Services at (206)-841-8177 or click here to contact us.

It is important to note the distinction between a paralegal and an attorney. Paralegals are able to assist in the creation of various legal documents, drafting for different processes, and act in several other vital support roles, but they are not able to provide legal advice. State law requires that all paralegals refrain from offering counsel, advice, and guidance on legal matters. Should you wish to engage someone for those services, you should contact an attorney-at-law.

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