Why We Are The Right Choice For You


A trained paralegal can provide lower costs pertaining to various services regarding the filings of legal documents for family matters such as divorces (dissolution of marriage), child support and revisions to existing agreements. The end results are essentially the same but the costs can be substantially less as opposed to using an attorney.



Reduced Costs

Our fees are generally less than that of an attorney for filing the exact same required forms. Using a paralegal may provide significant cost reduction to achieve the same outcome.


Less Hassle

Less upfront paperwork means much less hassle to our clients. We streamline the process to ensure your case is filed quickly and correctly. This makes the entire experience much less intimidating, easier to understand and far less stressful during this difficult time.


Peace Of Mind

Our high proficiency rate assures our clients that their paperwork is prepared thoroughly and properly in accordance with the legal requirements. As a new client, you will be informed of each step of the process preceding the filing of your documents.


I was in need of some child support and custody modifications. Dawson Paralegal helped tremendously by explaining all the details and assisting with completing the required forms. I was able to save a substantial amount compared to my attorney’s usual costs and the paperwork went through the court process without any problems. Thank you!

Sarah M.

Dawson Paralegal Client

I’m so glad I found this service. It saved me at least half of what my attorney quoted and all the paperwork was completed in a timely fashion and explained thoroughly. I’ll definitely be coming back if the need arises.

Jonathan H.

Dawson Paralegal Client

Each attorney I contacted wanted close the $300 an hour just to talk about what I needed plus the costs to prepare them. Scott knew exactly what paperwork that was required and assisted us in completing it properly at a much lower cost. What a great find!

Samuel P.

Dawson Paralegal Client

It is important to note the distinction between a paralegal and an attorney. Paralegals are able to assist in the creation of various legal documents, drafting for different processes, and act in several other vital support roles, but they are not able to provide legal advice. State law requires that all paralegals refrain from offering counsel, advice, and guidance on legal matters. Should you wish to engage someone for those services, you should contact an attorney-at-law.

Site Disclosure

Dawson Paralegal Services is a form preparation company. We do not offer legal services or legal advice. We do not practice law and are not authorized to engage in the practice of law. We only produce forms based upon the information you provide to us.

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